Gone are the days of picking just one or two colours for your wedding palette, as couples get more experimental with their selection using a range of 4 or 5 colours. To build the perfect palette, we suggest starting with two light colours such as a beautiful blush or cream, next adding in a darker colour such as navy or charcoal, and finally incorporating a highlight colour or two such as peach or cornflower blue! The beauty of having a varied palette is that it gives more interest to all elements of the day, be it the stationery, flowers or décor, and gives a more relaxed feel to the look of your wedding day.
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More couples are starting to incorporate the season that they will wed into their stationery … be that with spring blooms, autumn leaves or wintery snowflakes. We love this idea especially on the save the dates, as it gives a feel to the day during a time when it may be the opposite time of year that the cards are received. Building your theme around the season you will marry gives a lovely authentic feel to the styling and ambience of your day!
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Flowers may traditionally have been a key part of the wedding day, but modern couples are increasingly taking a more laid back rustic style approach to this area using foliage and leaves for a beautiful botanical look! The result is a clean and minimal finish that works perfectly with wooden elements, metallic props and string lighting.
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Calligraphy has always been a part of wedding stationery but this beautiful art form can be expensive to source for your stationery. With so many amazing handwritten-look fonts available, this look is now much more affordable whilst still having that romantic finish that hand lettering gives to wedding stationery. Handwritten fonts look great on all aspects of your stationery from save the dates through to welcome signs and place cards used on the day itself!
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With so many lovely card stocks out there to form the basis of your stationery, combining different weights and textures can add a whole new dimension to the look of your invitations and save the dates! We love using a natural kraft card mixed with a white textured base and translucent paper for a luxury look. This trend can be taken one step further by adding wooden embellishments or metallic threads!
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