Tips Vintage Wedding

1. A Dress to Remember or a Dress that Fits?
You may dream of wearing a 100 year old dress, with a century of history and elegance, but, what about the fit? A beautiful dress will still lump drab if it doesn’t fit perfectly. Don’t be afraid to check out modern designers that design vintage style collections. You’ll get the vintage look that you’re after and also have a dress that fits perfectly.

If you simply can’t bear to give up on the idea of an authentic vintage dress, be sure to visit your local thrift stores and charity shops, have a word. Let them know what you’re looking for and tell them about your wedding plans. It’s more than likely that they’ll be happy to call you if anything suitable comes in or even put up a poster advertising your needs!

2. The Shoes
One of the hardest parts of organising vintage weddings is trying to get one-off bits and pieces to match. Finding a pair of shoes to match your beautiful wedding dress can be a real nightmare and finding a pair of shoes that match and fit, well that’s a different story altogether. And let’s face it, the last thing you want is a pair of uncomfortable shoes on your wedding day. I’m not just talking about females, men’s shoes need to be comfortable too., even if they are 50 years old!

What you can do is buy vintage shoes that fit well, and then get them dyed to match your wedding dress. Of course, for men, this task is normally a lot simpler – black or brown? No problem! Additionally, you can get a pair of vintage styled shoes made to your exact taste. It won’t cost nearly as much as you’d imagine, but it’s incredibly important to allow plenty of time for this. Get them made as soon as you have your dress sorted!

3. Vintage Accessories and Table Dressings
Vintage crockery is the perfect way to accessorise your wedding venue. Local charity shops, car boot sales and second-hand websites always have lots to choose from and the best thing about it is that it’s dirt cheap! Just remember it all has to match in some loose kind of way. As with the wedding dress, you are always welcome to ask the shop keepers to hold stuff back for you – just let them know what you’re looking for!

For inspiration, make sure to check out wedding blogs and mood boards. A rough colour or pattern theme will give you something to bear in mind when buying your one-off pieces.

4. Vintage Bouquet
Vintage flowers are one of the best ways to add the finishing touches to your vintage wedding. A good florist will be able to create bouquets that pull together your colour theme and accentuate the general feel of your vintage wedding. Don’t be afraid to take old photos to the florists and to ask for specific designs and styles. You can even ask them to copy your favourite ones!

5. Arrive in Style. Vintage Style.
Even before the vintage boom it was always important to find a beautiful classic car to get to and from the wedding venue. For this reason you’ll find it easy to book a vintage Rolls-Royce or follow in Kate & Will’s footsteps and hire a vintage soft-top – weather permitting! But pay attention to the professionalism of the car hire company, check that they maintain their cars with love and devotion; the last thing you want is to be stranded on your big day.

6. Vintage Eats & Treats
Everyone loves wedding food and it’s always the thing people seem to remember most, when looking back on your big day. Luckily, as the vintage trend becomes main-stream, a whole host of sub-industries have flourished. You can now hire a “vintage food caterer” who can put together a classic spread that even your Grandmother would be proud of. But then again, I suppose you could just ask your Gran to do it!

7. Vintage Essentials
The key to a beautiful vintage wedding is to focus on continuity. There’s no point spending money on professional vintage caterers, or vintage shoe designers, if you’re going to have your wedding in a modern built hotel. Think about old buildings that are available for hire, church halls, school houses, vineyards – you’re goal is to find a vintage venue that accentuates your hard work and pulls everything together.

Additionally, there’s no point having a vintage wedding if everybody is going to be wearing modern suits and high-fashion accessories. Why not tell your guests to wear something more befitting? You could even suggest a hair style for them! You may feel silly asking, but they’ll probably be really excited at the prospect of having an excuse to get into some vintage fashion!

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