Reasons We Need Wearing Pillow While Sleeping

One of the main reasons we use the pillow has to do with the complex relationship between the head, neck, and spine. When someone walks upright during the day, head and neck in a vertical line at the top of the spine with a complex arrangement of muscles and tendons. However, during sleep, many of these muscles are relaxed, causing the head to fall backwards or forwards. This puts additional pressure on the neck muscles and spine, which in turn triggers the stiffness in the back muscles and spine.

The solution to this painful situation is to lift the head and neck until they are returned in accordance with the spine, regardless of sleep position. The easiest way to achieve this alignment is supported with a pillow until the proper angle is achieved. When the head, neck, and spine re-aligned, one must be able to breathe more easily and have increased the circulation.

There are several different forms of pillows, all designed to address the problem of a different alignment. An orthopedic pillow is mostly to sleep at night is used to keep the head, spine, and knees are supported in a comfortable sleeping position. Some people use a pillow between their knees or thighs to provide support for lower back and hips. A lumbar cushion can also fills the gap between your lower back and a chair or mattress.

Historically, the first fabric cushion enjoyed almost exclusively by the royal family and other wealthy citizens. Lower class citizens and farmers may have the basic styles of straw pillow, but most likely they use their own weapons to provide support while they sleep. The widespread use of the pillow is not possible until the Industrial Revolution made ​​the production of affordable wholesale fabric of reality.

Certain ancient cultures did not use a pillow made ​​of soft fabric and its contents, however. Pillows are often carved from blocks of hard stone or wood, which does not sleep to keep the head and spine aligned, but the convenience can not claim as one of the advantages. Thankfully, in this modern age are padded with foam rubber pillows, therapeutic memory foam, or buckwheat hulls. The trick is to find the right amount to achieve the ideal alignment for comfortable night's sleep.


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