Best Position In front of Your Computer

When we use the computer and sometimes we feel a sense of fatigue, pain in particular section hands, or eyes feel tired, disebaban This can be because we were wrong in the set position of our limbs. We must set a healthy position at the computer, as in the previous article about the tired when typing on the computer that 'adopted' from the position when playing the piano.
Maybe it helps us begin now to set the location of the computer or the position of our body when using a computer, especially if we routinely use it and its use for a long time. How healthy is sich position? Here are some tips that we can apply;

Body Position:
Body in an upright position in front of the computer and visibility between the eyes and the monitor around 45-70cm.

Computer location of the position:
For users of desktop computers, adjust the position of the keyboard, monitor, and mouse so that we can get a suitable position for your body (as in No. 1).

Use of Mouse:
When using the mouse keep your wrists are in a position does not hang or lower than the mouse. Try to position parallel between the wrist and mouse. Position your fingers try to keep it straight when 'idle'.

Keyboard usage:
As in the use of the mouse, when using the keyboard try to keep it aligned as shown in the picture.


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