7 animals whose voice could be heard as far

Animals send messages for reasons that are very specific, such as for alarm or for mating rituals. Some may call it so hard through the water or bounce the tree for miles to get to their recipients, such as the following animals ...

1. Blue Whale

Sound blue whale is the loudest on earth, with loud 188 decibels, if we compare it with a rock concert menccapai averaged only 100 decibels, then this is almost double that. Normal male blue whales use sound to attract mates rigors that were located hundreds of miles away.

2. Howler Monkey

These animals are found in the rainforest of America. Can grow up to 4 feet high and usually live in groups. Howling monkeys can be heard up to 10 miles, and entered the Guinness record as the loudest land animal.

3. Elephant

When the elephant footing, the vibration can be heard up to 20 miles through the soil. For information elephants also communicate through a foot of the vibration generated. Research in African elephants send a message to identify the warning, to say hello and to announce .. "Let's go ..". This voice-powered 80-90 decibels, louder than most men shout

4. North American Bullfrog

Its name comes from the sound of her voice, shouting far male frogs issued. His voice could be heard up to one-half mile away, making them much larger and more ferocious than sebenarnya.Untuk make the sound resonate which are used for mating calls, male frogs pumps air back and forth between the lungs and mouth and across his vocal cords.

5. Hyena

If you happen to hear or see the hyenas laugh, we suggest you leave the building. Hyena makes staccato, a series of voice hee-hee-hee-pitched high or so-called "giggle" by zoologists as they are being threatened, chased, or attacked. This disturbing laughter could be heard up to eight miles away.

6. Lion of Africa

Perhaps the animal most recognizable nickname, roaring male lion is used to hunt down rivals and to show dominance. While the lioness roared to protect children and attract the attention of a male lion. Lion's roar can be heard up to 5 miles away.

7. Northern Elephant Seal Bull

Along the California coastline, sea elephants live a strange-looking, with a big snout and flop. When it came time for mating, the male voice issued a similar call with an elephant. This call can be heard for several miles, allowing males and females are close to know who is the boss.

source: kaskus.us

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