Jesse in the Gold Coast

Jesse in the Gold Coast


I loved everything about Jesse's look. The denim vest and zippered boots embody the casual coolness his look embraces. I caught him right as the sun was setting during the "Golden Hour" as photographers call it. This is truly the perfect time of day to shoot. You know what they say, timing is everything.

NYFW: Rumi Neely, Fashion Toast

Rumi Neely

One of my favorite things about New York Fashion Week is the opportunity to photograph all my favorite bloggers. Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast is at that top of my list and has been for years. She was the first personal style blogger I started avidly reading. That was back in late 2008. Before Rumi, I really only cared about street style blogs. I guess Fashion Toast was my gateway drug.

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Kate Janeczko

Kate FULL 5

Kate is the president and founder of TwoTara, a baby clothing company. I ran into her yesterday while I was wandering around the Gold Coast (what else is new?) and loved her Michael Kors-esque polished American sportswear look. She's beautiful too, and was patient with me while I worked with the sunlight to get the images just right. She was also really, really excited to have been stopped by me, so I promised her I would get her photo up today. It's something I never do, but it was so uplifting for me to hear Kate tell me how much it means to her to be featured on my site. I am so grateful to every single one of the people on my site for giving me the opportunity to photograph them, that I am usually the one saying "thank you." It's nice to be on the receiving end!

Editor's note: my friends at Wolf Camera told me that flare is actually a good thing, and when I dropped in to show them my shots from the day they chose this as their favorite. Apparently flare is "in fashion" in the photography world. Silly me, I've been fighting it all these months!




I am so proud of the technical aspects of this shot. After a year of drooling over other professional street-style photographers shots, I finally managed to snag a photo of a woman with a legitimate light "halo" around her hair. I had to play around with the shot a bit to get it. I'm pleased to say I'm extraordinarily happy with the way this picture came out. I especially love the contrast of the yellow leaves behind her. This photo represents fall to me in a lot of ways, it's the color palette. Rich oranges, yellows, tans and browns dominate the image to great effect.

Giovanna Battaglia's Arm Party

Giovanna Battaglia

To me, Giovanna Battaglia represents the apex of Italian chicness. She has such grace and yet a fantastic sense of humor with fashion, which is the necessary yet often neglected linchpin behind a great outfit. Commenters, feel free to identify the bracelets Giovanna combined together to make such a delightful "arm party."

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Hanneli Outside of Rag & Bone


Hanneli Mustaparta is the beautiful model-turned-blogger behind her eponymous blog. I first met Hanneli in February when I embarrassed the hell out of myself. Seriously. On an impulse I went right up to her on the street outside Milk Studios and asked her if she was someone else (I can't remember who it was I mistook her identity for). I didn't even think first, I just acted. She laughed and said "no, I'm Hanneli," and was actually very nice about it. I was horrified as you can imagine, because I read her blog and it was even listed on my sidebar link list. I immediately turned bright red (I never blush) and felt my stomach drop. The second she said Hanneli my heart fell since I since I instantly realized who she was. I loved her blog and had tremendous respect for her photography skills. It was one of those Oh.My.God. moments, where you do something so absurd you can't believe it just happened. It's like you're watching a movie about someone else's life. Because you can't possibly be idiotic enough to do what you just did, right?

We all do stupid things in life at some point. I was inspired to write about this incident because of a post I was mentioned in on the Alcoholics Conspicuous blog. Any time your job involves networking or talking to strangers, you're going to say and do dumb shit at some point. 99% of the time no one remembers what idiotic thing you said five seconds after you walk away, because they're too busy worrying about the next thing they're going to say. Plus, honestly, they don't care. Meanwhile you're replaying the tape in your head over-and-over making yourself sick. People are self-centered and half the time aren't even listening closely, especially at public fashion events. They're too busy thinking about themselves, which works to everyone's advantage. And honestly, if someone treats you like crap that says more about who they are than it says about you. Trust me, you are not the first person to be on the receiving end of their nasty behavior.

Moral of the story is that when you embarrass yourself in front of people, their reaction is a reflection on their heart and soul, not you. And most people out there are very kind. I've embarrassed myself with awkward conversation at parties enough times to know! Most importantly, you're going to learn valuable life lessons from those experiences. That's what they're there for. It's not just a touchy-feely new age organizational psychology buzzword, mistakes really are learning experiences.

Compassionate people like Hanneli understand that people make mistakes. Like I said, that's just life. Thankfully for me she has a very warm heart! The majority of people I've met in fashion are really great people, which is endlessly surprising since the industry has such a bad reputation for cattiness. I think Hanneli's good heart is one reason she's had such tremendous success in fashion recently, including an editorial in Net-A-Porter's magazine and a feature in American Vogue. Her tangible warmth, in an individual so beautiful and successful, is the X-factor behind her much-deserved ascent into the highest echelon of fashion blogging. It's impossible to resist the allure of someone who is so profoundly beautiful both inside and out. The camera captures both with Hanneli, you can feel her positive energy through the photographs of her.

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