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Positions in Honolulu

Posted by: "Jean Martin" jean@searchinc.com

Thu Jun 16, 2011 12:45 pm (PDT)

Southeastern Archaeological Research, Inc. (SEARCH) is immediately hiring for a Principal Investigator and a Project Archaeologist to supervise and expedite various projects primarily on DoD installations across the Pacific region.

These will be full-time salaried, senior-level positions based out of the SEARCH office in Honolulu, HI. Applicants should already reside locally or be willing to relocate to the area at their own expense. Applicants should also demonstrate an ability and willingness to work in a laboratory and assist with report preparation and production. Only those with previous experience with Hawai'i and Pacific experience will be considered.

Applicants for Principal Investigator should have a Ph.D. or M.A/M.S. in Anthropology or a related field with an emphasis on Hawai'i/Pacific archaeology and research, 5 years professional experience, field experience in Hawai'i and the Pacific, superior technical writing ability, command of Federal and DoD cultural resource law and regulations, familiarity with DoD installation protocol, experience with ICRMPs, ability to travel, superior project and client management skills, and a demonstrated ability to lead major multidisciplinary projects.
Applicants for Project Archaeologist should have a M.A./M.S. in Anthropology or a related field with training in artifact processing, identification, and analysis and additional skill sets in related

disciplines (land survey, Trimble GPS operation, heavy equipment operation, GIS, CAD, photography, cartography, etc.), five years field experience, and ability to work in physically

demanding environments; superior technical writing skills are required.

In Word or as a PDF, please send a cover letter, resume, three references, a writing example, and dates of your availability to Jean Martin via email to jean@searchinc.com<mailto:jean@searchinc.com> with a copy to anne@searchinc.com<mailto:anne@searchinc.com>. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. All inquiries will be treated with discretion.

SEARCH is an Affirmative Action employer and a drug-free workplace. The position will be filled after the successful completion of a drug test and criminal background check. Applicants should be United States citizens and able to receive government security clearances.
Thank you,

Jean M. Martin, P.H.R.
Director of Human Resources

Southeastern Archaeological Research, Inc. (SEARCH)
Central Florida Office
1515 W. Smith St., Orlando, FL 32804
407-236-7711 phone 407-949-7716 cell 407-236-7799 fax
jean@searchinc.com<mailto:jean@searchinc.com> www.searchinc.com<http://www.searchinc.com>

Archaeology-Architectural History & History-Maritime Archaeology


ACE-BLM Piedras Blancas Light Station Natural/Cultural Resource Mana

Posted by: "Anne Barrow" barrow.annem@gmail.com

Thu Jun 16, 2011 4:03 pm (PDT)

* *

*American Conservation Experience: *


* BLM Natural/Cultural Resource Management Internship***

*Summary:* American Conservation Experience, a Non-Profit Conservation
Corps based in Flagstaff, AZ, in partnership with the Bureau of Land
Management's Bakersfield Field Office Office, is seeking
*one*Natural/Cultural Management Intern who will dedicate 12 months to
BLM staff in the management and operations activities at Piedras Blancas
Light Station, a BLM Outstanding Natural Area and component of the National
Landscape Conservation System (NLCS).

This is an exciting and historic opportunity to restore a piece of
California's maritime history. Completed in 1875, Piedras Blancas Light
Station is home to more than 60 species of California native plants,
including a thriving population of a variety of thistle listed as threatened
in CA. This healthy population is up from just a single plant in 2001—a
result of BLM heavily investing in the eradication of non-native plants at
the site. With the eradication of roughly 2/3 of the non-native and exotic
species once found at the site, the environs surrounding the Station have
also seen the rebound of a diversity of animal life, including bobcat,
raccoon, skunk, deer, gray fox, rabbit, coyote, squirrels, and a variety of
birds and reptiles. The near shore marine environments have been minimally
impacted by human activity and support healthy populations of southern sea
otters, abalone, mussels, and anemones, while the Outer Islet is a
significant haul-out point for California sea lions. The largest mainland
U.S. rookery for the northern elephant seal stretches for miles to the north
and south of Piedras Blancas.

The Bureau's mission is to "manage and restore the Piedras Blancas Light
Station to a period in history when the site played a significant role in
the protection of central California maritime activities. In addition,
preserve and protect the natural, historical and cultural resources of the
site while providing opportunities for compatible scientific, cultural,
social and interpretive activities for the benefit of present and future

*Start Date: August 15th (start date may be flexible for the right
candidate) *

*End Date: 52 weeks from start date*


* *

*A 12-month commitment is required *


*Location:* The position is stationed at the Bureau of Land Management
Piedras Blancas Light Station, located near the southern end of Big Sur and
the community of old San Simeon, in San Luis Obispo County, CA. Other local
interests include the towns of Morro Bay and Cambria, the Santa Lucia
Mountains, and Hearst Castle.

*Project Partner Website:* For more information regarding the BLM Piedras
Blancas Light Station visit: *

*Compensation:* ACE interns will receive a living allowance of $150/week
for food and incidental expenses, paid bi-weekly, as well as 20 hours paid
leave per quarter. A $2,000 completion bonus will be awarded *upon
completion* of the internship. Housing is provided on the historic Light
Station grounds by BLM.

*Position Description:* This ACE internship is multi-faceted, adaptable,
and geared at supporting the management and restoration of the Piedras
Blancas Light Station and its surrounding landscape. Work for this
internship will take place primarily at the Light Station and support
management activities including, but not limited to, education and
interpretation, fee collection, ecological and cultural restoration, and
maintenance. This position is ideal for an enthusiastic, resourceful young
professional interested to a career in public land management and/or
cultural resource management. The ideal candidate will have demonstrated
interest and/or education in both natural and cultural resource management,
though all qualified applicants will receive careful consideration.

*Project Background and Objectives*: The BLM National Landscape
Conservation System (NLCS) program endeavors to protect parcels of land with
exceptional natural and/or cultural significance. * The stated mission of
the BLM NLCS is "to conserve, protect, and restore nationally significant
landscapes recognized for their outstanding cultural, ecological, and
scientific values." *Educating communities and individuals is an integral
part of land management and is critical to ensuring sustained, long-term
resource conservation. An engaged, educated, and connected public will
generally hold an greater understanding and appreciation for natural and
cultural resources, thus supporting and participating in a higher level of
resource stewardship. Central to preserving Piedras Blancas' outstanding
characteristics is the restoration and preservation of the natural landscape
surrounding the site's historic structures.

The Intern will serve the Bureau's missions by enthusiastically working to
fulfill the following responsibilities:

- Assist with public tours, special events, and community and educational
outreach programs.
- Perform collection, reconciling and depositing of fees.
- Restore dune fields, coastal plateau, and wetland environments by
performing non-native plant eradication and native plant propagation.
- Construct and maintain interpretive trails, exhibits and wayside
- Assist community volunteers with buildings and grounds maintenance.
- Assist BLM staff with administrative operations.
- Additional tasks as identified during the course of the internship.

*Training Provided:* The intern will receive training in requisite
interpretation, treatment, field survey/monitoring technique, report
writing, safety training, and other skills related to the position. ACE and
the BLM are committed to providing the most educational, rewarding, and
challenging experience possible to best prepare interns for future careers
in the stewardship of America's public lands.

* *

*Qualifications:* Applicants for the position will hold a minimum of a
bachelor's degree in biological sciences, historical archaeology,
environmental policy, natural resource management, recreation & park
management, or related discipline. The intern will be resourceful,
adaptable, and able to work comfortably alone or in a group. The ACE BLM
Natural/Cultural Resource Management Intern must be willing and able to
represent ACE and the BLM in a professional, positive, and enthusiastic
manner. Drug users should not consider applying, as ACE reserves the right
to require drug testing and abhors the presence of drug users in our

* *

*Required Skills: *

• Internship is available to US Citizens and Green Card holders only.

• Interns must be 18 to 26 years old.

• Must be able to communicate clearly and concisely with resource
professionals within BLM.

• Must have effective communication skills with diverse audiences; ability
to work alone or in a group;

• Must have a valid driver's license, clean driving record, and ability to
provide documentation; personal vehicle required.

• Interns must have personal medical insurance for the duration of their
participation with ACE.

• Deep interest in ecology, history, and respect for nature.

• Must be able to able and willing to work outdoors, in varying weather
conditions, participating in physical labor; be able to lift 50 lbs.

• Must be able to take initiative and work independently, as well as
participate effectively in collaborative efforts.

• English proficiency is imperative.

• Ability and willingness to undergo a federal criminal background check
is required.

*Preferred Qualifications: *

• Undergraduate degree in natural resource management, recreation & park
management, historical archaeology, restoration ecology, biological
sciences, environmental policy, or other related fields.

• Bilingual applicants are encouraged and welcome.

• Knowledge & skills in the principles of education and
interpretation. Experience
working in an environmental or cultural education setting.

• A strong demonstrated interest and/or education in the field of natural
and/or cultural resources.

• Excellent writing, research, and organizational skills.

• Excellent public speaking skills.

• Knowledge of California's public lands, cultural and historic resources,
and natural environments is strongly desired.

• Knowledge of, or familiarity with, the local area is also helpful.

*To Apply:*

Please email a resume and cover letter along with 3 professional references
in ONE document by July 8, 2011 to
intern@usaconservation.org<info@usaconservation.org>with "BLM PBLS
- shovelbums referred " in the subject heading of your email. *Early
consideration will be given as resumes are received.* If you have any
questions regarding this position please feel free to call Shane Barrow at

Anne Barrow for ACE Internship Coordinator

Posting for academic position

Posted by: "Elizabeth Robertson" ecrobertson612@yahoo.ca   ecrobertson612

Thu Jun 16, 2011 5:36 pm (PDT)

[Attachment(s) from Elizabeth Robertson included below]

Hi, there,

I just wanted to send along a posting for a tenure-track assistant
professor position at the University of Saskatchewan. I've attached the
pdf with the detailed job description. If you need any additional
information, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Oh, and do feel free to use my USask address - it's liz.robertson@usask.ca. I automatically
signed up for shovelbums.org using my Yahoo address when I saw it via
YahooGroups, but I think maybe should've used my work address...

Thanks very much,

Liz Robertson

Assistant Professor

Department of Archaeology and Anthropology

University of Saskatchewan

Archaeology Building, 55 Campus Drive

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Canada S7N 5B1

Tel: (306) 966-4177

Fax: (306) 966-5640

E-mail: liz.robertson@usask.ca

Attachment(s) from Elizabeth Robertson

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