Quit Smoking Fast

why we are so hard to quit smoking? it's a big question.
addiction to smoking is because of our habit and it is very hard to forget, I want to ask how long you stay strong for not smoking? It is very hard, all right here I'll make a few solutions for you to be able to quit smoking gradually. The first, eliminate our minds to smoke, it must be done seriously and sustainable, then get busy yourself with positive job, start eating the herbs, because according to our research jiga quit smoking for 2 days then gradually our lungs will repair the damage because of smoking. began to also consume foods that yield a lot of herbs. This will speed up the process of lung repair. The most important of all is your intention to stop smoking, and I recommend to not consume electric cigarette because it means you do not stop smoking and only its just a different medium. I hope this solution can be beneficial to you. and still is the spirit to quit smoking

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