How to Create a Unique Style for girls

First Off all Step is ,You must Ready To Change, ok let rock.
Step By Step :
1. Take a trip to your local charity store or thrift store for great bargains on some awesome clothes.
Buy some basics that you can decorate later. Also, try to find some unusual finds that show off your  personality and what you feel like. For example, wear darker colors if you tend to be a bit moody  and mysterious, paler colors or pastels if you often feel calm and girly, and brighter colours if you are energetic and bubbly. 

2. Gather up some clothes to customize
Jeans, t-shirts, jean jackets, etc. Be creative. Some ideas for you are to make your jeans a different length or turn them into a skirt, sew on sequins, rick-rack, or buttons, add patches of random, colorful fabric, or embroider random designs. Buy some fabric transfers from an office supply or craft store and find some pictures to put onto a t-shirt. Find a picture of something you really like, for example. Basically, put something onto the clothes that totally expresses who you are, in a way that no store-bought clothes ever really could.

3. Accessorize!
This can also link with how you have customized your clothes. For example, if you drew a heart on a tee-shirt, you might want to find a heart bracelet or a heart bag to match. You can also customize accessories, by doing things like using nail paint to paint on the sides of sunglasses and other things like that.
4. For makeup, try to wear something that makes you feel special
When other people see this, they'll feel like you are special too.
5. Hairis something you can do basically anything you like with
If you want to dye your hair, choose a color that you like and suits you. Experiment with different styles, but remember that once you've cut your hair short you have to wait for it to grow back. 

And You Ready With Brand New Style 

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